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Status: Not Available

Reference: 42015463

Breed: Cross breed

Gender: Female

Clover – Crossbreed

Match Made In Heaven

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Introducing Simba and Clover, two cross breeds that came into our care as strays and as they are a bonded pair, are looking for their new home together.
Clover and Simba love to play and will happily chase each other and share their toys.
They can appear a little rough with one another at times, though they never fight.
They adore each other’s company and love to cuddle up in the same bed at night.

Clover is a sweet and loving cross breed who will often be found rolling on her back expecting you to give her belly rubs!
Like Simba, Clover loves her toys and particularly likes teddies.
Clover has met a number of our other dogs and interacts well with all. However, if they get a little overbearing for her she isn’t afraid to tell them off!


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