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Status: Not Available

Reference: C15

Breed: Greyhound

Gender: Female

Carly – Greyhound

Match Made In Heaven

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This sweet girl is Carly

Carly is very nervous, this can be around new surroundings as well as new people. Once she comes out of her shell you get to see her beautiful personality shine through

People wishing to adopt Carly must know it will take multiple meets with her before adoption as she is very nervous and would benefit from building a bond with her new family before she goes into her home environment.

We are recommending she be rehomed to a family with children no younger than 14 years old – subject to a successful meet.

Due to her nervousness, she can resist going out and about for walks however she does enjoy the  company of fellow Greyhounds and we do think she possibly could be rehomed with another dog- subject to a successful dog meet to give her the confidence boost she needs.

However it must be a similar size breed/ dogs to her as she does have a high prey drive meaning small animals (this could include dogs) would not be suitable for her to live with.

Due to her high prey drive she is trained to wear a muzzle on walks and we strongly advise that this is continued in his new home. She would love a secure garden where she can run about and play safely. However generally, greyhounds are a very lazy breed, being nicknamed the 40mph couch potato!

Although she has never lived in a home, they generally adapt well and love nothing better than a comfy place to stretch out and snooze the day away, greyhounds do well with 2 or 3 shorter walks a day, greyhounds are built for speed, not stamina, and use up their energy in short bursts, this leaves lots of time for napping, cuddling and playing.

Generally, Greyhounds are quizzical, sometimes shy, very sensitive, and surprisingly gentle. They possess superior intelligence and can exhibit a quiet but surprising independence. These are not animals whose spirit has been broken by their training or racing experience.

Because of their early training, retired Greyhounds have never been without the company of other Greyhounds and have never had the opportunity to really be a puppy. They may need to act out some puppy behaviour, like chewing, which they typically quickly outgrow. They are eager to please and can be trained with patience, consistency and positive reinforcement. They are used to walking on the lead and will learn to heel quickly. Most Greyhounds do not know how to sit, climb stairs, or play games only because they have not yet learned. With time they can learn all of these things. Likewise, they have not been exposed to general household items, hoovers, tv’s and suchlike, they generally adapt quickly but will need time to adjust to these new experiences.


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