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Instagram dogs

Social media platforms are a weird and wonderful place.

Whether you want the latest news on Brexit or simply need cheering up with a slapstick comedy video, there’s something for everyone – especially animal lovers.

Over the last few years, dogs having their own Instagram accounts has become the norm, with one in four owners revealing they have one for their pet. But what’s caused this explosion in popularity?

A tried and tested formula

There’s no denying the charm of dogs – their cuteness is undeniable. Throw in pooches engaging in human-like activities and we can’t help but squeal with joy, finding them endearing.

The most followed dog on Instagram, Jiffpom, follows this tried and tested formula. With almost 10 million followers, his account captures the tiny Pomeranian in everyday situations. His latest post at the time of writing, for example, is him in a jumper with a cup of coffee.

Jiffpom’s popularity also transcends Instagram. In 2014, he appeared in Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ video, while his estimated net worth is around $5 million from promotional posts and his own line of emojis, ‘Jiffmoji’.

Earning money tends not to be the reason why many owners create pet accounts, however. They simply want to share with others the joy their dog brings to them. In fact, research has found that adult dog owners share, post or talk about their pooch an average of six times a week on social media – and who can blame them!

Positivity and comfort

Dedicated pet Instagram accounts brings dog lovers together to form a tight-knit community bonded by shared feelings, experiences, and their unwavering passion for four-legged friends.

Dog photos and videos are more than a source of entertainment. They allow us to escape from the stress of our daily lives, enveloping users in a world of positivity and comfort, and reminding them of the special bond they have with their own pets or sparking a desire to bring a furry friend into their lives.

The innocence, cuteness and genuine affection show by Instadogs resonates deeply with social media users. Ultimately, they trigger an emotional connection – and that’s what wins followers and views.

This bond formed through these posts goes beyond the screen too, leaving a lasting impact and fostering a shared appreciation for the unique and cherished role dogs play in our daily lives.

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