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Status: Not Available

Reference: 42016266

Breed: German Shepherd

Gender: Male

Wilko – German Shepherd

Match Made In Heaven

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Meet Wilko, a handsome German Shepherd who arrived into our care as a stray.

Wilko originally arrived into our care earlier this year displaying evidence of a bad start in life, being underweight and his coat in poor condition.
After a couple of months here, Wilko was rehomed but was unfortunately returned a few weeks later as his new owners felt they couldn’t meet his needs.

Since returning to us, the staff have worked closely with Wilko, investing time in creating and carrying out a training plan.
During this time, Wilko has learnt to walk on a head collar and has adapted well to this tool.
He loves to show off his knowledge of commands such as ‘sit’ & ‘paw’ and has learnt to wait at the side of the road before crossing, in return for a Schmacko!

Whilst here, we have watched Wilko grow into a confident, fun-loving young man who can often be found rolling through the grass and bouncing & splashing in puddles.

Although Wilko has learnt a lot whilst here, when it comes to meeting other dogs he has a lot more to learn about how to behave around them and when interacting. He has taken part in socialisation walks whilst here and although he has made progress, he needs an owner who can spend a lot more time socialising with and around other dogs.

Moving forward, Wilko is looking for a patient and knowledgeable owner with experience of the GSD breed, where children in the household are over the age of 16 years.
He requires a family who are able to commit the time in training, socialisation and to further develop the skills and manners he has learnt over the past few months, particularly around other dogs.
If required, adopters must be willing to commit to several consecutive meets and greets here at the home in order to build a relationship with Wilko before the adoption can take place.

If you feel you have the time to invest in Wilko and are able to provide him with his forever home, please apply below.


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