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Status: Not Available

Reference: 42015648

Breed: Cross Breed

Gender: Male

Hercules – Cross Breed

Match Made In Heaven

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Introducing Hercules; a large cross breed who arrived into our care as a stray.

On arrival, Hercules was quiet and reserved, choosing to spend his time at the back of his kennel with little interaction with the staff.
After a couple of days with a little patience and perseverance from the staff, Hercules slowly became a little inquisitive and started to look forward to spending time out of the kennel on his daily walk.

Although he walks well on the lead, Hercules is incredibly strong and to begin with, two members of staff were required to walk him together. Over time, we introduced a head collar which we began to train Hercules on and since then, he has appeared much more calm and relaxed when out on his daily strolls. Having said that, he can still be a little stubborn at times, particularly when he sniffs out something interesting!
Moving forward, potential adopters would need to continue to train Hercules on the head collar and must take into account just how strong he is on the lead.

Whilst here, Hercules has met a number of our other dogs. At first, he appeared unaware of how to react around them, choosing to be vocal and standoffish. However, over time, Hercules has interacted with some of our dogs very well with a super waggy tail and plenty of sniffing!

We have found over time that Hercules responds well to praise and rewards.
He is loving towards the member of staff he has interacted with daily and has been a very good boy!

Hercules is looking for a committed owner who has experience of strong, large breed dogs.
Potential adopters must be willing to invest the time into ongoing training and socialisation.
Children in the household must be over the age of 16 years and he is unable to live with cats.



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