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Status: Not Available

Reference: 42016788

Breed: Cross breed

Gender: Male

Bronson – Cross Breed

Match Made In Heaven

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Introducing Bronson, our charismatic canine companion! Bronson originally found his way to our home as a stray, estimated to be around 3 years old. Despite his initially nervous disposition upon arrival, he has blossomed into a charming and affectionate individual who thrives on human interaction. In fact, his journey from a timid newcomer to a dog who merrily engages with both humans and fellow canines is truly remarkable.

Bronson is a dog with an incredible character, and his transformation reflects the power of love and care. To continue nurturing his growth, Bronson will benefit from ongoing training and socialization.

Ideally, Bronson would thrive in a household where children are aged 12 years and older.

*Applicants that are successful will be provided with further information on each dog to the best of the charity’s knowledge


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